ELEMENTI – manufacturers’ showroom

The ELEMENTI manufacturers’ showroom is the place to see, feel and discover the latest kitchen appliances from top name and well know brands.

Our choice of manufacturers we represent is simple – we only work with those who invest in product development and offer innovative and exciting goods to the market. Rest assured that when choosing from our range of goods, you will own a product which meets exacting standards of quality.

If a manufacturer prides themselves on functionality, another on their unique design, you will be able to find them all at the ELEMENTI showroom.

Leaders are but a few, the rest are just followers!


We have stood the test of time and have been operating for more than 30 years in our sphere. Our commitment and dedication to continue and provide the best possible service is proof that we are a serious and professional partner.

Our knowledge combined with length of service, translates to a hassle free experience. You can be assured of  a fast response, and because of this we can answer questions that less experienced companies will only be addressing in the future.

Our key conclusion, acquired over the years, is that the value of experience fades very quickly if we rest on our laurels. We constantly strive to make our business more up-to-the-minute and are always forward looking, and exploring to new solutions.


Just as people, companies have their own unique style that differentiates them from their competitors. For us, that uniqueness can be defined precisely– COMPETENCE CENTRE.

We are not just another showroom of appliances! We are solution providers and advisors!

Customers have stated that we are the only company able to offer products suitable for unique or custom installation bays or that our products are perfectly colour-matched. It is the diversity of our range and the unique experience of our specialist consultants that make us the most competent supplier throughout the Baltic States with the most extensive range of solutions.